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December Break Camp

The camp was a continuation of previous events by SCSG and SCAON that target children of the community. The theme of this event was “Establish & Maintain Cultural Ties with Sudan”.

The event was planned and conducted by SCSG members. Volunteers from Sudanese community of Ontario have participated in supervising and executing program activities.

The event was well received by all participants. Children and parents expressed their happiness, appreciation, and gratitude to SCSG & SCAON and showed interest to continue participating in upcoming events.

The camp was hosted in SCAON premises at 2500 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough during the period from 11.00 am Wednesday 26th of December 2018 to 4.00 pm Friday 28th of December. Invitations were sent to community members through social media and direct communication. Attendance by children and parents from the community exceeded expectation and was increasing throughout the camp duration.

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