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Aida Elbadri



Mini Bio:

Aida Elbadri, co-owns a halal Jamaican restaurant that has become a beloved establishment in the community. Aida and her husband dedicate their time and effort to ensuring the success of their restaurant, which serves as a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit.

Beyond her business endeavors, Aida's heart is filled with compassion for those in need. She actively provides free meals to the homeless and individuals facing hardships, showcasing her unwavering commitment to helping others. Moreover, she plays an instrumental role in supporting newcomers and refugees by offering essential resources and assistance. Aida's involvement in housing new arrivals from Sudan since the onset of the war demonstrates her profound empathy and dedication to making a difference. Aida's involvement in her community is not only a reflection of her personal experiences but also a testament to her desire to be a positive influence on those around her.

She cherishes the opportunity to give back and is determined to pass on this value to her daughters, hoping to inspire them to become compassionate and engaged community members.

In the future, Aida plans to continue her impactful work, serving as a beacon of hope and support for her community. Her dedication to helping others and her unwavering commitment to making a difference make her an exceptional individual and an inspiration to all.


Abubaker Sinada

Secretary General


Mini Bio:

Abubaker Sinada is the current Secretary General of the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario (SCAON). He is a skilled leader with broad local and global experience in the technology and administration fields in several different countries. He offers a broad spectrum of skills in change engagement, technology enablement, and management. He is freelance Graphic Designer, Prior to working as graphic designer, he worked as legal advisor and administrator and held many other volunteer positions. He completed many training sessions and courses in law, management, and IT, in addition to earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B.) and a Diploma in Graphic Design.

He is a highly motivated and ambitious professional with solid work ethics and outstanding communication and management skills who aspires to excellence and innovation in all he does. He has a great ambition to accomplish his goals and is dedicated to improvement throughout his life. He is committed to using his skills and experience to promote and assist the transformation in the Sudanese community and the Canadian society in general.

He enjoys helping others, learning new technologies, solving problems and creating beautiful and functional graphic designs.

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Mohamed Siddig Elhag



Mini Bio:

Mohamed Elhag is the current Treasury of the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario (SCAON). He is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of international experience across various industries in different countries. He brings a wealth of expertise in driving transformation, governance and compliance, stakeholders management, operations effectiveness, and technology enablement. With a proven track record in delivering projects and initiatives in these areas, he has been recognized by Supply Chain Canada as one of "The Canadian Immigrants Impacting Supply Chain." Mohamed's extensive professional credentials include a Fellowship (FInstLM) from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) in the UK, the MCIPS designation from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply in the UK, and the Senior Professional of Supply Management (SPSM) designation from the Next Level Purchasing Association in the USA. Additionally, he holds an MBA, a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, and various certifications and training in data analysis and reporting, visualization, health and safety, procurement, supply chain management, trade finance, change management, and soft skills.

Mohamed volunteers with many professional institutions and non-for-profit organizations including the Sudanese community Association of Ontario (SCAON) in his capacity as a board member and treasury. Mohamed is passionate about driving results and committed to continuous learning.

He is eager to leverage his expertise to drive and contribute to the transformation of SCAON.


Wafa Mohamed Fageer

Programs & Development Secretary


Mini Bio:

With a foundational degree in Sociology and Social Services, Wafa has dedicated her career to the betterment of society, particularly focusing on youth and community services.

Her journey in social services is marked by significant contributions to community programs, where she has been instrumental in curating events and initiatives tailored to empower the youth. Wafa's commitment to social change is further evident in her role as the founder of a non-profit organization - Sisters Circle. This organization is deeply rooted in providing safe spaces through programming and art programs, specifically designed to uplift youth in Scarborough. Her efforts are not just acts of charity, but a drive towards creating lasting impacts through community and sisterhood, coupled with the development of creative arts.

Beyond her organizational roles, Wafa is a dedicated board member of the Sudanese Community Association of Ontario, where her role is in program development and youth affairs. Her approach is holistic-focusing on sharing resources and tools to enhance community services and empower the youth.

She hopes to forge a path of progress and empowerment for the future generations, through the power of community collaboration and creative expression.


Sarah Mahmoud

Women Affairs Secretary



Mini Bio:

Sarah Mahmoud, is the current Women Affairs Secretary at Sudanese Community Association of Ontario, her journey of contribution to support the community started years ago before joining SCAON. She volunteered with several organizations such as the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to support Syrian refugees, Five Save life that succors single parents, as well as with the Sudanese community to support newcomers and refugees, additionally, Sarah, has 10+ years, experience in the architectural designing, project management, drafting, detailing and supervision of over 15 construction projects specializing in high-end residential and commercial.

Experienced in preparation of construction documents, drawings and specifications. Using different software such as AutoCAD, Building Information Modeling (Revit), ArchiCAD, Excel and Primavera Project Planner. Strong work ethic complemented by excellent multi-tasking, detail and organizational skills; good team player, thorough, and self-starter. - B.S. Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Khartoum University Plus Certificate degree in Architecture from Ryerson University, Canada.

Areas of interest: Project Management Social and Community Support. BIM (Building Information Technology) Development of Housing and Materials Methodology.

Abdelrahman Ali

Academic Affairs Secretary




Mini Bio:

Abdelrahman Ali Kimawie is current Academic Affairs Secretary. He is a highly skilled community leader with a wealth of knowledge in the industrial sector.

He has an extensive amount of experience in manufacturing, his time working as a supervisor in the industrial sector allowed him to develop strong leadership skills and other capabilities. He is great in problem solving and finishing tasks precisely and on Schedule.

He is a certified business QC auditor. In addition, he is also a highly skilled medical lab and clinical equipment technician with technical knowledge on specimens and their requirements.

He enjoys playing soccer, read, and learn in his free time.

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